Hybrid Plus Heat Pump heating and cooling products have been engineered and designed to deliver the greatest efficiency with the best level of comfort for residential, environmentally friendly products.
The foundation of the Hybrid Heat Pump system is the furnace. The furnace will vary in cabinet size, btuh size and efficiency rating. Our Comfort Advisor will assess the needs of your family and requirements of your home. Your home will dictate the btuh size and that will determine the cabinet size (actual size of furnace). The efficiency rating is determined by you, the homeowner.  The higher the efficiency rating, the higher the fuel savings.  To qualify to be a Hybrid, the furnace should be above 95% efficiency rating.

The Hybrid Plus cooling system is also known as an Air Source Heat Pump.  The Air Source Heat Pump will cool your home in the summer and heat your home during the warmer days of winter. One benefit of the Air Source Heat Pump is you use electricity to heat your house versus using Propane gas, Natural gas or Oil which may result into a savings of 30-50% per year on your heating bills.
If you would like to schedule a free quote/comfort analysis of your home for a Hybrid System please give us a call @ 763-689-3141 or 320-679-9532.
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