CO Alarms

An important line of defense for the ones you love
Not too long ago, carbon monoxide alarms were only for people with a sophisticated alarm system in their home. Today, in the State of Minnesota, it is required by law. 

1.1 MN Statute 299F.50

Minnesota Statute 299F.50 requires approved carbon monoxide (CO) alarms in all single family homes and multifamily apartment units with effective dates as follows:

• All new construction single family homes and multi-family dwellings where building permits were issued on or after January 1, 2007.

• All existing single family homes effective August 1, 2008.

• All existing multi-family or apartment dwelling units effective August 1, 2009

 Minnesota Statute 299F.50 does not apply to hospitals, nursing homes and boarding care homes.

 Protect the ones you love from carbon monoxide poisoning and comply with the law.