AC Troubleshooting: What To Do Before You Call For A Repair

Before we get to the checklist, if your ac system is doing any of the following don't wait. Call right away to avoid further damage to your system:

  • There is water or fluid leaking from the unit
  • There is a build up of ice on the unit
  • The system is noisier than usual or making new noises
  • When your system starts up you notice a dimming of the lights
  • Your system takes a long time to start or it runs continually yet your home is not comfortable

AC Troubleshooting Checklist

First check your filter. A clogged filter can cause all kinds of problems and can lead to damage to your system.

Second check your thermostat setting. It should be set in the cooling mode and for 3-5 degrees below the current temperature so it will call for cooling.

Third check the service switches on both the indoor and outdoor unit to ensure they are in the 'ON' position. They can get knocked and accidentally turned off.

Fourth verify that the vents and return air vents in your home are not blocked. They should have 3-5 inches of breathing room between them and furnishings.

Fifth verify that the outdoor unit is not blocked and that debris is cleaned away. There should be at least 15 inches of open space between the unit and landscaping to allow for proper function.

If your system is still not operating correctly give us a call or click here to schedule. We are standing by to take care of your air conditioning needs!